Joshua Florquin

Cornerbuilding Ledeberg
Gent, Belgium

Cornerbuilding is a extension and rehabilitation project of an existing tranditional labor brick house. It is a private project of 2 housing units, one commercial unit and a roof garden on the corner of Langestraat and Petrus de Meyerstraat in Ledeberg. The commercial unit will become a permanent bar with expositions and events hosted by Selin Erkan & Bernd Fink. The introduction of a contrasting superposed reflecting volume emerges from the local skyline creating a point of reference for the neighberhood.
The roof houses a garden, freely accessible to inhabitants as they can use it together to grow herbs, flower gardens and even vegetables for their own use. This will increase the biodiversity within the neighborhood and could potentially even help restore the bee’s disappearing glory. It’s also a great way to sensitize the clients of the bar and adults alike on environmental issues. Growing plants and vegetables puts people in direct contact with the ecosystem and the environment.
Throughout the design we incorporated sustainable decisions such as wooden structure and insulation, creation of a well to recuperate water and use it for watering the roof garden, toilets and waching machines of the inhabitants.
Ledeberg is a sub municipality of Ghent that has been gentrifying the last 5 years. Young urban professionals are settling into this bustling neighborhood with a mixed young population of artists and young professionals that want to invest in their community.

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